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Digital HD Services is a leader in the provision of MATV / Foxtel engineering and contracting services.

Our Digital HD Services staffs have been in the MATV / Foxtel industry since 1988. Our offices are located in Sydney and South Coast Wollongong.

Digital HD Services has delivered services to the telecommunications industry in Australia for more than 15 years. Throughout this time, we have had direct involvement with innovations in the industry and provided supply, installation and support of cable networks and satellite communications infrastructure.

Satellite TV systems designed by Digital team are leading-edge and meet all industry specifications and requirements. Customers gain an innovative and cost effective system, built around their specific needs.

Our passion for what we do transfers into our services

Digital HD Services has MATV / FOXTEL engineering and contracting experience in a variety of industries in both the commercial and Multi Storey Buildings sectors.

Digital HD Services has MATV / Foxtel engineering and contracting experience in a variety of industries including commercial, industrial.

Digital HD Services also under takes state government contracts.

Our team provides customers with a total MATV and communications turnkey solution, inclusive of engineering design, MATV project management, installation, Commissioning, maintenance and support 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Digital HD Services delivers quality installations within contractual timeframes and budgets, and meets customer needs across arrange of MATV and related services.

The team is committed to quality and technical Development and their safety standards are world’s best practice.


The Digital HD Services team has a strong history of technical knowledge, experience and understanding of a wide range of Systems. The team blends expertise, specialized skills and excellence in design and development, to produce the most appropriate engineering solutions for their customers. As are sult, customers experience improved production flexibility, capacity and efficiency.

The Digital HD Services team has the capacity to work to extremely tight time lines, without compromising safety, quality, customer requirements or cost.

Engineering services provided by Digital HD Services include:

– Full Turnkey Solution
– Engineering and designing
– Design MATV Systems
– Design Foxtel Systems
– Design TDT QAM head end Systems
– Quality Assurance
– Programming
– Project Management
– Installation
– Commissioning
– 24 hour Engineering Support

Satellite TV Sydney

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Satellite TV Sydney / WollongongDigital TV Antenna Sydney / Wollongong

MATV Construction and Project Management

The Digital HD Services Projects Division is comprised of team of commercial MATV / Foxtel technicians.

The Division has been successful by delivering MATV Projects professionally, on-time and within budget.

During implementation of MATV projects, the DHD Projects is experience dat ensuring a continuous production environment.

Thorough planning results in each project phase being implemented in the shortest possible time frame, minimizing and without interruption’s to customer work-sites.

The MATV project team has personnel trained in hazardous area installation and inspection techniques.

The Projects team offers customers a wide range of services including:

– Digital Free to Air (FTA) distribution networks
– FOXTEL and AUSTAR infrastructure
– CAT5 and CAT6 data networks
– NBN MDU Fibre optic solutions.
– Smart homes’ communications
– Audio and video systems
– Intercoms Systems
– Marine Systems

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